“Magico”, won 54th place in the final + 21st Ace pigeon for the famous Hok Reijnen & Bolton, one of the best OLR lofts in the world in addition to amazing results in both Netherland and Belgium!

A fantastic pedigree on this pigeon and a gr.child of “Zagato” one of the basic pigeons in the loft.

Father is also a very good breeder of OLR pigeons with top results in the Algarve races.

The mother is also a super breeder and mother of 2nd final race Derby Costa Del Sol 2018.

Also breeder of 9th final race Algarve Great Derby and 1st Ace Pigeon in region with 1550 members. A full-sister of her also bred 1st NAT Chateauroux from 19.529 youngsters.

HotSpot 1 143km:                    197/1285
HotSpot 2 207km:                    248/1229
HotSpot 3 215km:                     291/758
Semi-final 320km:                    75/753
Final race 510km                      54/655
Ace Pigeon:                                21 of 1799 pigeons