One of the most hyped pigeons in sprint-racing in Europe over the last decade is KITTEL – raced by Dirk Van Den Bulck and later sold to Flanders Collection.
KITTEL was 1. National Acepigeon Sprint KBDB 2013 and fastest against 17.000 and 25.000 pigeons on sprint races.
His descendants have also bred countless winners all over the world.
In addition his two fullbrothers GREIPEL and NEW KITTEL have performed in top too – and bred super pigeons in addition!

This fantastic family goes back to the two fullbrothers GOEDE RODE and BROER GOEDE RODE – some superb origins that have been passed on for now 7-8 generations – again in both 2021 and 2023 descendants won 1. National Acepigeon Sprint KBDB again!

Team Erikssons main focus is longdistance, but they invested in pigeons with Dirk Van Den Bulck origins – to cross sprint pigeons into their longdistance lines to give speed. And they had great success.
However with too many pigeons they decided to sell all the Dirk Van Den Bulck pigeons last year – but they bought back SUPER KITTEL 705 themselves – they could not let him go!

Today they are very happy for this decision because he has really bred fantastic for them – and even purchased a few hens to let this family stay alive at the loft.
SUPER KITTEL 705 comes from Germany from the fancier Marco Hoffman – from his super son of KITTEL – 1838 has bred fantastic!
He is sire and grandsire to more than 22 x 1. Prizes – one of the absolute best children from KITTEL. Bo Eriksson selected 705 from a group of babies – this pigeon had a special charisma and vitality – and later on they realized it was a grandson from KITTEL.

Also the mother of SUPER KITTEL 705 comes from these Dirk Van Den Bulck origins coming from GOEDE RODE etc.
He has been a super breeder for Team Eriksson – with a very high success rate amongst the 70-80 youngsters that the team enters the young bird loft every year.
They have tested his family also on longer distances – in crossing his descendants can race up to +/- 550 km with very good results.

Some of the top descendants are:
1138: 8. National Acepigeon DDB Long Distance.
3rd and 4th Acepigeon Longdistance Section in 2021 and 2022.
8. Acepigeon Allround DDB 2022 and 2. Acepigeon Section Allround.
A fantastic female who was unfortunately injured during one of the first training sessions in 2023 and will not be able to fly races anymore, but on the other hand she will be able to participate in breeding in the future.

1183: Section winner Garlstorf, 4. Acepigeon Sprint

2030: Section winner Halstenbek, 7. Acepigeon Section, 6. Acepigeon Allround DDB 2023.

1902: Section winner Halstenbek, 9. Acepigeon Allround Section 2022, 7. Acepigeon Allround Section 2023.

1269: Section winner and impressive results such as 1/173, 2/184, 3/559, 4/102 etc.
2047: 1. Acepigeon Allround DdB 2023

2083: 2. Acepigeon Allround Section.

655: 1. Acepigeon Youngsters Section 2023

654: Section winner Rendsburg, 9. Acepigeon Hens Section

683: 19. Final Aalborg Classic One Loft Race

Super references from SUPER KITTEL 705.
In addition his brother was sire to 1. Acepigeon Ostseerennen OLR 2022 in Neustadt.