• Robert Swanepoel ZA

    Robert Swanepoel

    Agent South Africa

    Robert was born in 1964 and has always lived in Cape Town – now in the Durbanville area. He is married to Sone and they have 3 children.

    He works as an accountant but is also the importer of the Benzing Electronic Times Systems into South Africa.

    Robert has been involved with pigeons since he was a schoolboy.
    Today he races under the name of Team Benzing with big success.
    Their speciality is the young birds racing where the pigeons have proven to be almost unbeatable. With a small team he makes a lot of prices.

    Contact Robert at cellphone +27 83 407 5249.

  • Guo Xiang CN

    Guo Xiang

    Agent China

    如果您有任何疑问,请联系 郭翔 13810179412

    Contact Guo at cellphone: +86 138 1017 9412

  • Ashikur Rahman BD

    Ashikur Rahman

    Agent Bangladesh

    Ashik was born in 1985 – always lived in the capital Dhaka in the Wari Area. He is recently married to Sabina.

    He works as an Investment Banker at BRAC EPL Investments Ltd but is also the importer of Racing pigeons and pigeon accessories from All over Europe into Bangladesh.

    Ashik has been involved with pigeons since he was a schoolboy back in the 90ties.
    At that time it was mostly tippler and roller pigeons, but after 2005 European racing pigeons were introduced at Bangladesh.
    Currently they have all famous lines in their country and loft.

    Today he races under the name of Hazi Ibrahim-Ashik with big success.
    Their specialty is the sprint racing where the pigeons have proven to be almost unbeatable. With sprint birds they makes a lot of prizes.

    Contact Ashik at [email protected] or cellphone +880 173 045 3233

  • 周宥廷 David Chou TW

    周宥廷 David Chou

    Agent Taiwan

    David was born in 1973 and has always lived in the central region of Taiwan.
    Currently he is single.

    Racing pigeons has been a big hobby for David since childhood. He started to race pigeons at the age of 16 and since then he has been involved with the sport.

    By chance, David was commissioned by some Taiwanese fanciers to help bidding on our auctions. Since then he has been an honest and responsible agent with very good reputation from the customers.
    “Customers first! Quality first!” is his purposes and principles.

    David says: “I feel very honoured to be agent in team M&C Hansen”

    Contact David at [email protected] or cellphone +886 937 628 422

    周宥廷 戴维 (代理中国/台湾)

    从小就爱好养鸽16岁即开始参与比赛.对于赛鸽的热衷数十年不变.因缘际会下受托代理台湾鸽友竞标本站鸽子.历经数年于台湾多关竞翔中获得好评.诚以认真负责态度下树立专业代理形象.[以客户为尊 以质量为荣]能成为M-C Hansen代理商深感荣耀o

    From Taiwan : 0937-628422
    From China  : 00886 937 628 422
    Skype : zhou you ting22

    Email: [email protected]

  • Philip Carbonaro MT

    Philip Carbonaro

    Agent Malta

    Philip Carbonaro is from Hamrun – Malta and he was born in 1962, he is married to Mary and has two sons.

    He has been a pigeon fancier all his life since his father the late Thomas Carbonaro was the one who started it by having pigeons since childhood. Breeding and racing and organizing pigeon lofts visits every year to The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for Maltese fanciers is his passion.

    Since 2011 Philip is the President of one of the two clubs in Hamrun the Hamrun Union Racing Pigeon Club with 36 pigeon fanciers. He is the local importer of Unikon electronic pigeon clocks. Philip is also an organizer of pigeon auctions in Malta bringing many famous names and good quality pigeons every year for the benefit of Maltese pigeon fanciers.

    Contact Philip at [email protected] or cellphone +356 994 290 03

  • Bartosz Morel PL

    Bartosz Morel

    Agent Poland

    Bartosz was born in 1989. He lives and races pigeons in the southern part of Poland – the Silesia region, which is the mekka of Polish pigeonsport.

    The grandfather of Bartosz was also a pigeon fancier and just after World War II, he was one of the founders of pigeon club in the city. After that the father of Bartosz became a fancier and he is still pigeon fancier. So pigeons were a part of the life of Bartosz from the first days.

    Bartosz started racing pigeons on his own in 2002. From 2011 he started a project – “Morel Team” – and from 2015 together with his wife – and now also daughters – they race like a “Morel Team MB” – and in last 5 years they become one of the best fanciers in Poland. Every year their results improve.

    Contact Bartosz on mobile: +48 730 129 162 – and email: [email protected]
    Whatsapp: +48730129162 or Facebook at Morel Team
    Address: Dziewki 118A, 42-470 Dziewki
    (If you use google maps, just search : “Morel Team”)

  • Ali Pazhouh AE

    Ali Pazhouh

    Agent UAE (Dubai), Iran

    Ali Pazhouh was born in Tabriz, Iran and has had an affinity for pigeons from a young age due to his uncle owning racing pigeons. From the age of 15, he has owned pigeons himself and started to build his passion over the years.

    He has a pigeon loft in Tabriz and one in the Netherlands, counting more than 1000 pigeons in total.

    Contact Pazhouh at:
    Mobile: +31 687 90 91 11 – WhatsApp: +98 914 1149 896
    Email: [email protected]

  • İsmet Altıntaş TR

    İsmet Altıntaş

    Agent Turkey

    İsmet was born in 1979 in Istanbul City.
    Today he lives in Tekirdağ City – and has 1 son and 1 daughter
    In 2006 he started in the racing pigeon sport.
    For 3 years he was president in Balkan Posta Club and 2 years in Gaziosmanpasa Balkan Posta Club.
    His business in the sport is pigeon transport from the whole world to Turkey, selling pigeons of course and selling a pedigree system.

    Contact İsmet at:
    Mobile/WhatsApp: +90 532 407 33 06
    Email: [email protected]

  • Trevor Cahill IE

    Trevor Cahill

    Agent UK

    Trevor was born in 1973 and live in Ireland with his wife Denise.
    Trevor runs C.P.E. (Cahill Pigeon Express) so he can help our clients in UK and in addition help them to transport the pigeons home to UK.

    Contact Trevor at:
    Mobile: +353 860523037
    Email: [email protected]

  • Juandiego Cazorla ES

    Juandiego Cazorla

    Agent Spain & Canaria Islands

    Juandiego was born in 1965 and work as an insurance broker in his daily life.

    He has had the pleasure of pigeons since a very young age where he started the sport with his brother.
    After that for a while he raced 10 years on his own, but now he is back in team with his brother.
    Of course pigeonsport is very interesting but it can also be very tough racing at the Canaria Islands – the family has learned that the hard way!

    During the recent years they have had some very good results – and also found some very good pigeons at M&C Auctions – so it is with pleasure that Juandiego can help his friends in Spain and the Canaria Islands achieving some of the good pigeons from the auctions.

    Contact Juandiego at:
    Mobile: +34 615500162
    Email: [email protected]