Team M&C Hansen

  • Martin Hansen Manstrup DK

    Martin Hansen Manstrup


    Even though the pigeon sport is a minor-sport in Denmark, Martin has always believed in the fact that the internet surely is a World Wide Web – also for pigeon fanciers.
    Because of that he created a small website for him and his brother Christian in 1998 to be able to communicate and interact with other fanciers all over the world. And from then – step by step – M&C Hansen have developed to be one of the most well-known pigeon sites all over the world.

    Martin is graduated as AP Graduate in Computer Science and has worked with computers and the internet since 1990 so it has always been very natural for him to link between his love for the pigeon sport and the possibilities in the internet.

    In 2000 Martin married Kristin from Norway – they live near Aalborg in the northern part of Denmark and they have a son called Marius from 2009 and a daughter Marie from 2015. Since the pigeon sport is so important for Martin, his son has been in the loft since he could walk, so we consider Marius and his mother to be a part of the team too 😉

    Martin is racing together with his brother Christian – of course in the name M&C Hansen – their passion and dedicating for the sport gives top results every year. They have divided the loft in 2 – so that the racing pigeons are where Christian lives – and the breeders where Martin lives.

    Contact Martin at or cellphone +45 2124 6886.

  • Christian Manstrup Hansen DK

    Christian Manstrup Hansen

    Chairman/Partner (Agent Denmark/Norway/Sweden/Finland)

    Christian started with racing pigeons at age 11 when he – together with his brother Martin – saw pigeons flying in the air not far from their home. These flying creatures decoyed him – and his life has almost been pigeons ever since.
    Always side by side with his brother he has also been a part of the developing of the M&C Hansen company during the years. With his excellent sense for good pigeons he is an important part of the selecting and quality assurance that is very important for the whole team.

    Christian is graduated as Bachelor of Social Work. In 2003 he married Malene – they live near Aalborg in the northern part of Denmark and they have a son called Peter from 2005, a daughter Anne from 2008 and a daughter Stinne from 2014.

    The racing loft of M&C Hansen is situated at Christian’s farm so it is very natural for family and friends to find Christian at the pigeon loft. The racing team is mostly built up by pigeons for middle- and longdistance but the last 2 years pigeons for 2 days flights have joined the team in their separate loft. That team is built by pigeons from Jelle Jellema, Brouwers, Hebberecht, Emiel Denys, Batenburg-Vd-Merwe etc.

    Contact Christian at or cellphone +45 2266 7024.

  • Henrik Meldgaard DK

    Henrik Meldgaard


    Henrik got his first pigeons in an age of 11 – and like others young boys he just fell in love with these beautiful birds. After highschool he wanted to learn more about pigeons and moved to Belgium for half a year. His pigeon-teacher was Jef De Wilder, who worked at the Mariman factory – so Henrik got impulses by pigeons 24/7 at his time in Belgium. He learned a lot from De Wilder about pigeons – things that he today still believes in.

    An important lesson was to work hard and serious with the pigeons and job every day – a lesson that Henrik is influenced by every day – working hard with the pigeons and still be able to run a successful business with 500 employees together with his sister and brother. The company Meldgaard is a very healthy business with activities within environment, transportation and industry – but the company has also a special department for small animals i.e. racing pigeons so Meldgaard is among other things the exclusive dealer for Versele-Laga in Scandinavia.

    He is born in 1966 – married to Anja – and they have 4 children. They live in Aabenraa in the south of Denmark. Also their family is fully involved in racing pigeons. Henrik races very successfully in combination with his father in law under the name Meldgaard/Jeppesen. Their flock is built by pigeons from Jef De Wilder added with pigeons from Flor Engels, Flor Vervoort, Klaus Stieneker, Francois De Keyser etc.

    Contact Henrik at or cellphone +45 2033 7230.

  • Maria Steenberg DK

    Maria Steenberg


    Maria was born in 1988 – she is from the city of Vaerlose, but in 2016 she moved to Hammel in Jutland with her boyfriend Hans Henrik Broebech.

    Maria quickly found an interest in the pigeon sport when she met Hans Henrik and started helping around the lofts.
    In 2018 she had her first racing season, racing mainly with the youngsters, but also a few old birds.

    From 2020 Maria and Hans Henrik will be racing together under the name ”Broebech Steenberg” –  Marias focus will still be on the youngsters, while Hans Henrik handels the old birds.

    Contact Maria at +45 40 63 17 68

  • Mark Skovbo Madsen DK

    Mark Skovbo Madsen


    For several years Mark has had a small photo-company and learned the skills to become a very good pigeon-photographer.
    Since november 2019 Mark has worked as the photographer of M&C Hansen.

    Contact Mark at +45 31 41 50 73