Our vision

Since 2004 we have arranged many auctions – online as well as live auctions – for our friends in Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany etc.

Right from the start our mission has been to provide a good and friendly contact in a serious, professional and honest way from the ambitious fancier to the enthusiastic buyer – first in Scandinavia – later on in the whole world. And this mission has not changed.

We find it very important to be known as a team who works seriously from the very first contact to the fancier and seller to the final task with the purchaser.

Every day we focus on:

  • only to sell pigeons of the highest quality possible from each fancier
  • to inform adequate about each auction
  • only to allow correct and professional material about each pigeon
  • to provide present service to each purchaser
  • to finish the service completely, so both seller and purchaser are satisfied
  • to base all work on an honest and upright business concept

Through serious work and our own passion to qualify ourselves to the pigeonsport every day, we trust that this positive development will continue.

It is our greatest hope to participate in developing the racing pigeonsport internationally and to share our great experiences with our beloved birds with friends all around the world.

Yours in the sport,

Team M&C Hansen