How it works

Before you can start bidding on M&C Auctions, you will have to create an account via the registration page and follow the necessary steps.
You’ll have to provide your email address, full name, phonenumber and address. Once you’ve registered an account, you will have to confirm your email. A confirmation link will be sent to your email address. Please follow the instructions in the email to activate your account. (Depending on your provider, receiving this email may take several minutes or you may have to check your spam folder!)
When you’re done with your registration, you are ready to participate in our auctions.

In any case of having trouble to register at M&C Auctions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Our bidding steps are:
The starting bid is €100
€100 to €250 -> €20
€250 to €500 -> €30
€500 to €1000 -> €50
€1000 to €2500 -> €100
Above €2500 -> €200

Won an auction?

Great! After you have won an auction, you will receive an email confirmation with also the payment link. Click on this link to finalize it, the won auction will be added to your cart. If you won multiple auctions, you will receive a seperate mail for each won auction. Click the payment link in each of these emails. Alternatively you can see an overview on your Watchlist under “Won auctions”.

After this you can follow the steps and choose a payment method on the checkout page. Choose your preferred payment method and we will receive your order. We will contact you about further details in the coming days after that.

For more information about we handle payments and delivery, please read our terms and conditions.