“Mojo 6”, the winner of 12th place in the final race belongs to Team Norwegian Turbo and is bred by Team MoJo.

A strong pedigree on this pigeon and a cross between Jens Borker (Gûnther Prange pigeons) x Henk Schepens. The father is a direct son of “Blue Magic” who is father to 6 x 1st and 1st Ace. The father is inbred to famous Ringlose no 12 from Günther Prange.

The mother is a mix from Henk Schepens x Peter van de Merwe and both parents are very good racers.

HotSpot 1 143km:                    395/1285
HotSpot 2 207km:                    154/1229
HotSpot 3 215km:                     242/758
Semi-final 320km:                    485/753
Final race 510km                      12/655
Ace Pigeon:                                69 of 1799 pigeons