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A sister to OLYMPIC MAGICIAN – the 3. Olympic Youngster for Netherlands, and 8. on the Olympics in Poland in 2019.
6. National Youngster WHZB in 2018.

Sire: NL 2012-1037680 THE JAN, breeder Jan Oostra. He was 5 provincial Ace. Willem Oostra raced Olympic Magician. He won: Weert 1/6.505, Quievrain 1/5.971, Deurne 6/4.488 etc. Just 3 seconds earlier from Deurne and he would have been 1st of The Olympics !!! The Jan is sire to 1/5.284, and this line gave further: Burdinne Provincial 1/13.203.

Grandsire: NL 10-1068675 JANSSEN COCK, direct hok Webo.
Granddam: NL 10-1068677 10. National Morlincourt 465 km.

Dam: NL 2015-1164619  GOLDEN WIZARD, direct Jacob Poortvliet. She is dam to OLYMPIC MAGICIAN.
She is dam to: Weert 1/6.505, Quievrain 1/5.971, Quievrain 1/5.770, Deurne 6/4.488, and Granddam to: Quievrain 1/5.876, fastest of 8.486 birds and NPO 9/13.331. Her Grandfather is Royal Jet Junior, topracer himself (a.o. 1 prov. Ace shortdistance), and gr.grandfather to 3. final OLR Thailand in 2018. RJJ is lines Kannibaal and Zot of Op de Beeck Baetens (Belgium).

Grandsire: NL 12-1004546 GOLDEN BLACK LEO. He is (gr)grandsire to: 1/21.894, 1/6.505, 1/5.971, 1/5.770, 1/5.876 (fastest 1/8.486), 1/2.000, Sens NPO 2/4.690, 6/4.488 etc.  GOLDEN BLACK LEO is son of Jacobs number 1 Toppair – THE GOLDEN PAIR – GEORGIO and JEANET! Offspring of this pair is VERY VERY good.

Granddam: NL 12-1004549 ROYAL DAUGHTER. Won totally 45 pr.cards: Ace old Birds 1/281, Ace SD club 1/281, Quievrain 1/1.541 (regional 1/3.339, Quievrain 1/125 (prov. 18/9.701, St. Truiden 4/1.808 (prov. 37/20.435), Quievrain 5/4.020 etc. She is daughter of Royal Jet Junior and Super Daughter. Lines Kannibaal and Zot.