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1. National Acepigeon Great Middledistance KBDB 2019

  • Just an amazing reference – the best we can get !!

    1. National Acepigeon Middledistance Old Birds KBDB 2019 is BEL17-6038324 from Vic De Wilder – and it comes partly from our Gaston Van De Wouwer lines!!

    Actually the grandsire RONALDO was bred by M&C Breeding – and the greatgranddam is still breeding at our loft.

    RONALDO was a very good racer, a good breeder – and Jef De Wilder has always had a good eye to him – and he was right!

    We congratulate Vic and Jef De Wilder with this magneficient pigeon!

    Two weeks ago we visited Vic De Wilder and saw his 1….

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