Superb Sisters! Van Den Bulck Bombers!

Team Meldgaard has 2 fantastic Dirk Van Den Bulck sisters!

We have already written about DAN-023-21-0029 that already this season has been 4 x 1st !!!

Her nestsister DAN-023-21-0030 is as good as 0029 and won last weekend:
1. Semiprov. against 910 pigeons from Garlstorf 207 km.
This season already 1/468 p., 2/162 p. (2. Semiprov. 1.186 p.), 7/501 p. etc.

She is direct daughter of the fabulous breeder SILVER KITTEL – already sire to 9 x 1. prizes only in this halfseason !!!

Just amazing results – we send our congrats to Henrik, to Team Meldgaard!

Here you can read about the sister

Pedigree and parents of DAN-023-21-0029 and 0030: