1st prize winner – 3 weeks in a row!

Team Meldgaard has a fantastic hen this season!!

DAN-023-21-0029 has raced 3 races in 2023 – and now 3 x 1. prize winner!
(she is actually 4 x 1. prize winner – she also won a race last season)
What an amazing performance!

She has been the leader a team of 4 pigeons home to Team Meldgaard now 3 weeks in a row.
In the section they have a special race where each fancier can select 4 pigeons – and only 4 – to give a fair competition – but with DAN-023-21-0029 on the race the competition is difficult!!!

She is bred by M&C Hansen – Dirk Van Den Bulck origins – direct daughter of the fantastic breeders SILVER KITTEL & OLYMPIC MONEYPENNY!

This week also the nestsister DAN-023-21-0030 won her race – on the second race of the week against 719 pigeons!

Congratulations to Team Meldgaard!!