Halfbrother SAGAN:
1. National Ace-pigeon short distance KBDB 2013.

Original Patrick Boeckx.

Sire: BE11-6069063 VADER SAGAN. Original Dirk Van Den Bulck.
Superbreeder. Sire of several toppigeons, most famous is SAGAN:
1 National Ace-pigeon Short Distance KBDB 2013.
SAGAN (B12-610835) won 1/1042, 1/524, 1/446, 2/1411, 2/624, 6/667 from Noyon with a coefficient of 1,87.

He is a son of BLAUWE LEO, the superbreeder at Dirk Van Den Bulck coupled to SAGANNA.
She is bred from GOEDE RODE x PITHIVIERSKE. Best of the best of Van den Bulck.

Dam: BE13-6077147.
Full sister of the mother of SAGAN and all the brothers and sisters of SAGAN. SAGAN 2, SAGAN III, SAGAN 4, SAGANNE etc.