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Direct son of the world-famous YVAN from the Brothers Herbots in Belgium.

Original Gebr. Herbots!

Sire: BE07-2103401 YVAN.
FANTASTIC pigeon. Super racer and super breeder. Foundation cock on the Herbots loft!
YVAN won:
1st Interprov. Salbris 2,281b (fastest against 4,774 b), 1st Interprov. Orleans 3,132b, 1st Melun 1,946b, 1st Interprov. Toury 781b (fastest against 3,256b), 1st Argenton 434b, 1st Nanteuil 253b, 1st Pithiviers 172b, 1st Momignies 130b, 7th Interprov. Chateauroux 2,995b, 9th Interprov. Argenton 2,804b, 16th Interprov. Montlucon 1,570b, 20th Interprov. Bourges 1,224b, 21st Interprov. Toury 1,212b, 32nd semi-nat. Chateauroux 9,030b, 43rd Interprov. Chateauroux 1,817b, 52nd Interprov. Orleans 1,058b, 54th Interprov. La Souterraine 1,174b, 57th Nat. Argenton 6,177b. He became 4th National Ace bird Greater Middle Distance 2008 and 1st National Ace bird Small middle distance 2009.

YVAN is father and grandfather:
Olympic Ace Pigeon All Round (D) (Yvonne)
Olympic Ace Pigeon Long Distance (C ) (Yva)
1  Nat. Argenton (Christianne)
1  NPO Argenton
1  Ace Pigeon Special Ring Race China
2  Nat. Ace Pigeon Yearling Hen DV 2016
4  Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB YB 2014
4  Nat. Limoges  15.789 p. 655 km 2018
6  Final 1-Loft Race Germany 2011
7  Nat. Argenton (Christianne)

Dam: BE11-5046333 GOED BLAUWKE
She won 1. Prize Nevers 710 km and 40. National.
She comes from the lines of the NATIONALE 1 and on the mothers site BARCELONA KING x DOLLE.