Out of the harbor to fish!

Pigeon racing is often negatively portrayed. The question is why? Because there is no form of unity in the sport. Every fancier has an individualistic core and every other fancier is a rival. We all know that we need each other to be able to compete in races, to reduce costs and to organise a race. Hobbies are different for everyone, but as a sport it is high time that we worked together on another image! The image of a mature sport for young and old. A sport that has an International practise. a sport with an image that has been dusted down for the better.

Our hobby has a future, if we could be more positive, make more conscious choices, respect each other and by not blocking progress!

The vision as WWracingpigeons is crystal clear:
They will focus on co-operation to obtain a collection of racing pigeons who have the characteristics and capability of excelling on the marathon races. Gather knowledge, share knowledge, joint-breeding, racing together and raising the standard in regards to quality.

In both lofts in Biddinghuizen and Harderwijk, the products of breeding will be raced. In addition to that, they have set themselves a target to start testing our collection of birds in countries where the sport is thriving.

We let WW present themselves:

WW: Wilfred and Wulfert
We got to know each other via the district board in 2004 and it soon became obvious that our thoughts were on the same frequency regarding pigeon racing. A life without pigeon racing is too hard to imagine for both of us, it is a lot more than a hobby, more like a sport, it is a passion! From this mutual feeling and averse to all the doomsayers and negative opinions within our sport, we see nothing but opportunities to continue practicing our beloved sport. Friendship, fun, and collaboration are key words for us. Dream differently, think differently, do otherwise. Change starts with yourself, even in the pigeonsport.

Gijs and Wilfred Hamstra are no longer unknown in the pigeon sport for years and especially in the ‘marathon world’. In 2013, they managed to enter the National loft championship Marathon. In the first decade of this century they were already able to shine with; 1st Fondunie 2000 Dax ’04, 1st NPO St. Vincent ’05, 1st Fondunie 2000 Pau ’06, 1st Super Champion S.F.G. Morning discharge ’08. From 2011 the rudder has changed slightly and they are looking for even better pigeons for which pigeons have been bought in a few national top lofts to date. As with Verweij-De Haan, Mijdrecht. These men also dominate the long distance game in the Netherlands in recent years. A loft with pigeons that many have already passed and this on both morning and afternoon release. Also at Jaap v / d Velden flying under the name Chr. v / d Velden, Zuid-Beijerland, pigeons have been obtained. At Bennie Homma, Balk there are pigeons from his best. At the lofts in Balk 7th national first are won! These pigeons have proven to win of both morning and afternoon liberation. Recently pigeons from Tim Hage, Martin de Poorter and the combination Rekker-Westra have moved to the breeding lofts. “Out of the harbor to fish”!

For detailed information about WWracingpigeons.com visit their website: www.wwracingpigeons.com

TOP 10 RESULTS 2012-2019: 

Results Race Amount pigeons Year
3rd NPO Orange  1.980 2013
3rd NPO Orange  1.629 2016
3rd NPO Orange 1.159 2019
3rd NPO Perigueux II 839 2018
4th NPO Orange 1.629 2016
5th NPO Dax 1.115 2017
6th NPO Orange  1.470 2018
7th NPO Bergerac II 3.478 2015
7th NPO Bergerac  2.200 2018
7th NPO Orange 1.159 2019
8th NPO Bergerac 2.802 2019
9th NPO Cahors 4.117 2012
9th NPO St. Vincent 1.390 2016
9th NPO Perigueux II 839 2018


Additional information about the pigeons on the present auction:

  • The pigeons have been vaccinated for paramyxo (PMV)
  • The sexes are almost certain, but they cannot be guaranteed
  • By appointment you may view the pigeons without obligation

Contact details:
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. You can always send an email and will be answered asap. Please make calls in the evening after 19:00.

Lot 1-9, please contact:
Wulfert ter Beek:
+31 622 349 288

Lot 10-19, please contact:
Wilfred Hamstra:
+31 610 749 141