Wild season for Team Carstensen – Part 1

Team Carstensen is celebrating one of their winners! 😉

Our good friends Team Carstensen – the brothers Morten and Thomas – are two – relatively – young fanciers in the South of Denmark.
This season has been fantastic so far with as much as 9 x 1st prizes in their section in only half a season!!!

We are amazed and proud of them – what a fantastic performance!

Some years ago they invested and got some Gaston Van De Wouwer pigeons from us. On the same time they also invested in a few pigeons from our Belgian friend Wim Moens.
These 2 lines gave immediately success for Team Carstensen.

Also this season has been a Gaston Van De Wouwer season for the brothers (like for many others in our country!)

Two of the top pigeons this season are cousins – children from 2 fullsisters 1154 and 1159.
These 2 sisters are inbred daughters of our foundation breeder YOHAN BLAKE (YOHAN BLAKE coupled to his granddaughter)

Super cousins! Congratulations guys – keep up the good work!


207-21-1230: Winner of 1/287, 1/545 (1/1.010 Semiprov.), 4/285, 4/507 (4/1067 Semiprov.), 4/456, 6/357, 15/368 etc.
He is son of 1238 (son of DE 71 with 6 x 1. prizes) coupled to 1154 – one of the sisters!


207-21-1205: Winner of 1/84 (1/515 Prov.), 1/88 (4-birds race) 5/507 (5/1067 Semiprov.), 5/333 etc.
She is daughter of 5353 (superbreeder from Wim Moens) coupled to 1159 – the other sister!






Another top pigeon for the brothers they purchased from a charity auction from Henrik Meldgaard – he gave them from our Gaston Van De Wouwer origins again.
Immediately success – really a promising yearling hen!


070-22-2333: Winner of 1/373 (1/788 Semiprov.), 2/507 (2/1.067 Semiprov.), 14/312 etc.
She is daughter of GOLDEN NIELS – a cousin to NEW KIM 1. National Acepigeon KBDB 2018 – coupled to LAURA BOLT, daughter of USAIN BOLT x TOCHTER LAURA – two of the most important breeders for us!

To be continued……