The GOLDPAIR is a collaboration between Bo Eriksson and Ulrik Lejre Larsen.

Since the initial investment back in 2012-2013 this has became a whole family today.

In 2017 they purchased the 2 super brothers ARDILES and HODDLE – the 3. generation from the GOLDPAIR – to complete their collection.

Today they have the GOLDPAIR, the nestbrother to the cock in the GOLDPAIR, the two best hens 09-259 and 10-333 and many inbred pigeons around this family.

The descendants from the GOLDPAIR have achieved topresults now in 15 years – and they continue!
Both in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation this couple has bred winners.

Also in crossing they have showed their value – both on the lofts of Bo and Ulrik – and on many other lofts.
In many areas of Denmark this GOLDPAIR is very known – they have been parents to a lot of winners all over the country!

Season 2022 was a fantastic season – results alone at Bo and Ulrik:
1. National Rouen
2. National Acepigeon Longdistance Hens
1. Acepigeon Provincial and Section Hens
1. Section Arnhem Longdistance
And several other section winners and acepigeons

Season 2021 was a fantastic season – results alone at Bo and Ulrik:
1. National Acepigeon Longdistance Hen (grandchild)
1. National Munich – only pigeon on the day (gr.grandchild)
1. Section Antwerp (2. National) (grandchild)
1. Section Munich (grandchild)
Plus 6 acepigeons.

Only in 2019 – at Bo and Ulrik (racing from 2 cities) – these results have been achieved:
1. Section-winner Minden
1. Section-winner Osnabrück
2. Region-winner Borlänge
2. Region-winner Giesen
3. Region-winner Antwerp
3. Acepigeon Youngster Section

Also topresults at other lofts.

The GOLDPAIR is really a GOLDPAIR – one of the pairs that we all search for in our career.

The results from the GOLDPAIR:
Minumum 12 x 1. Section
Minimum 6 x 2. Section
Minimum 2 x 1. Region
2 x 4. National on marathon
8 x Acepigeons – 5 of them 1. Acepigeon DdB
And they are grandparents to more than 45 x 1. Section-winners!

One of the best breeding pairs seen in Denmark – fantastic results on all distances and on many lofts.