The story of the Red Foxes (and the story of a fantastic foundation couple) started back in 1973 at the sale of Albert Van Der Flaes.
Freek Romain and his brother bought 2 pigeons at this auction – lot 25 SCHOON VOSKE and lot 45 VOS DEN BIJTER.

After the auction a certain man told them some unforgettable words: “You have not only bought the two most expensive pigeons, but also the two best pigeons! Pair them together and you will certainly have success”
This man was Albert Van Der Flaes himself – and his advice came true!

Albert Van Der Flaes with one of his red Janssens

Same winter two youngsters were born – NL74-865728 and NL74-865729 – and both became super pigeons. NL74-865729 won 13 x 1. Prizes and got the name ROOIE APPIE – after Albert Van Der Flaes.
After this success more “foxes” moved from Albert Van Der Flaes to the lofts of Romein.

In 1974 the father of Bertie Camphuis exchanged a pair of eggs from this wondercouple VOS DEN BIJTER x SCHOON VOSKE for a painting – and got NL74-1262464 and NL74-1262465 from the eggs.

The red 465 was later couple to a schallie hen from Wout Smeulders and became the parents of FAMEUZE 05 plus other toppigeons like ANNIE, the mother of JAMES BOND.
FAMEUZE 05 was 1. National Acepigeon Middledistance WHZB Holland 1981
1. St. Ghislain Hornu 3.187 p., 1. Pont St. Maxence 1.608 p., 1. Soignies 1.577 p. etc.
JAMES BOND was 1. National Acepigeon Middledistance WHZB Holland in 1984.

In 1977 Freek Romain decided to stop with pigeons and all pigeons were sold that winter. The couple was separated by the auction – VOS DE BIJTER was bought by C. Compier and SCHOON VOSKE by Wout Smeulders.
But already in 1979 Freek Romain was back in the sport and bought back the old foundation couple.

In 1978 became VOS DE BIJTER father to RODE BIJTER NL79-1971509 for Cor Frijters – a famous breeder – sire and grandsire to countless 1st prize winners and champions.

In 1981 the couple was back together – but VOS DE BIJTER was also coupled to another Van Der Flaes hen – they bred NL-81-1027508 – and this cock was in 1982 coupled to NL-81-128554 – a granddaughter of the golden couple – and they bred NL-82-1322748, which became the mother to the father of the fantastic brothers WONDERBOY 05 and WONDERBOY 06.

ROOIE APPIE was sold to Mr. Joost at the auction of Romain but went later to the loft of the famous photographer Henk Kuijlaars. Here he became a superbreeder for Henk.

What an amazing foundation couple!

Today Richard Middendorp is one of the keepers of this amazing family – a treasure that continues to give!

Richard Middendorp visiting the famous Gebr. Janssen