Super weekend for Mark Skovbo

Mark Skovbo experienced an unforgettable triumph on June 1, 2024!
Success is not an unfamiliar thing on the loft in the heart of Denmark – in 2021 Mark won a national championship.
But this weekend was very special for him and his family that began the season with 15 pairs on the total system.

You probably also know Mark as our photographer in the company M&C Hansen, so it was also a happy day for us 😉

On this day, Mark had basketed 24 pigeons for Heide, 220 km. Four of them were in the sport race, where all members can send a maximum of 4 pigeons, and the remaining 20 pigeons participated in the open flight.

The sports flight was released in a northeast wind in Heide at 06:30, and the open race an hour later at 07:30. In the region (province), 805 pigeons were sent on the sports race and 2181 pigeons on the open. At 09:29, two pigeons arrived from the perfect direction (see the homecoming here: and secured 1st, 2nd, 10th, and 158th places, resulting in a 100% prize on the sports race out of 805 pigeons. This is a fantastic result in itself. Denmark is divided into 3 regions, each covering a large area.

An hour later, it was time for the open, which Mark had high expectations for, as his best pigeons participated. And they did not disappoint! Again, a pigeon arrived from the perfect direction, quickly followed by two more. In the region, they won 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 28th, 42nd, 60th, 119th, 127th, 157th, 159th, 164th, 182nd, and 487th places, with a prize on 13/20, corresponding to an impressive 65% prize out of 2181 pigeons (see the homecoming here:

All five are bred from the joint breeding loft (LSM), which Mark runs with his friends Folmer Mikkelsen and Michael Th. Larsen. In the sports flight, it was a grandchild of their top breeder Bommer Blue, bred by Sheldon Leonard and father/grandfather to at least 8×1. Also, a grandchild of Herbots Olympic Riko, 1st National ace pigeon, paired with the full sister to the mother of Venus, 1st National ace pigeon by Stefaan Lambrechts as no. 2.

In the open flight, the winner was pigeon number 308, whose father is bred by Steffl, 100% Van Den Bulck, and the mother is directly from top breeder 838, son of Kittel. The second place went to a very talented 1-year-old hen, who so far has 5/5 in 2024, a cross between Panis/Bulck and grandchild of Silver Kittel from M&C Hansen. The third place was a direct daughter of super breeder 904, 100% Van Den Bulck and father/grandfather to at least 17×1 prize winners.

Congratulations to the entire LSM team on this outstanding result, and good luck with the rest of the season!