Super 2020 from the brothers Van De Walle!

The brothers Marc & Franky Van De Walle had a fantastic season 2020.
Allround results from 150 km to 1.065 km – from sprint to extreme longdistance!

The brothers Van De Walle have their focus and passion around the longdistance and extreme longdistance – and this season was very good!

Lately they were crowned with a proud price
1. International Europe Cup Champions 2020

Not “only” they achieved this amazing prize – they had a season full of top-achievements!

National Championchips KBDB 2020
6° National Champion KBDB Yearlings
9° National Olympic bird KBDB Cat. C
10° National Ace Extreme Longdistance KBDB (De Monti)
25° National Ace All Round KBDB Old Birds & Yearlings (Ginette)
28° National Ace Pig Great Middledistance KBDB Old Birds (Devils 434)
28° National Ace Pig Extreme Longdistance KBDB (Lady Perpignan)

Prov. Championchips KBDB 2020
2° Prov. Champion Yearlings KBDB Long Distance
3° Prov. Ace Bird Old KBDB Extreme Longdistance
5° Prov. Ace Bird Yearlings KBDB Longdistance
6° Prov. Ace Bird Old KBDB Extreme Longdistance
7° Prov. Ace Bird Old KBDB Great Middledistance
8° Prov. Ace Bird Old KBDB Longdistance
9° Prov. Champion Old KBDB Great Middledistance
10° Prov. Champion Old KBDB Longdistance

Other Championships – only top 5:
1° International Champion Europe Cup 1°
1° International Champion Euro Diamond Pigeon – Man of the Year
1° General Champion Old Birds & Yearlings , All Distances – De Vrijheid
1° Champion GMD Yearlings – De Vrijheid
1° Champion MD Yearlings – De Vrijheid
2° Champion MD Old birds – De vrijheid
3° General Champion FVOV
5° Champion Extreme Longdistance Old birds FVOV
5° Champion Longdistance Old birds FVOV
5° Champion Old Birds & Yearlings FVOV

23 x 1. Prizes only in 2020

TOP 100 Nationals & Internationals only in 2020
5° Nat Brive
10° Nat Aurillac
21° Nat Narbonne
21° Nat Brive
22° Nat Bourges
22° Int Narbonne
24° Nat Brive
36° Nat Perpignan
39° Nat Agen
39° Nat Montelimar
39° Int Agen
54° Nat Limoges
67° Nat Bourges
70° Int Perpignan
72° Nat Narbonne
86° Nat Limoges
88° Int Narbonne
91° Nat Chateauroux
93° Nat Chateauroux
94° Nat Gueret
99° Nat Pau

Still today the family is mainly built from 2 pigeons – BONTE WITTEKODDE and ZACHTEN IMBRECHTS – two brothers, just like Van De Walle. 90% of the pigeons on the loft come from these 2 toppigeons – a super family that can win from 150-1.065 km.

As you can see on the 2 pigeons winning the 1. International Europe Cup Champions 2020 these 2 base pigeons are still very much responsible for the topresults today! Here are the 2 pedigrees of DE MONTI and LADY PERPIGNAN.

Fantastic allround family – and with the results from 2020 we are very sure that also 2021 will be a topseason for the brothers!