Auction summary


Martin Lembke

Martin Lembke is a very busy man at this moment of his life – and due to a lot of work plus a young family with 2 small children, he has chosen to sell the biggest part of his pigeons and moved a small team into a new collaboration with his family in law Zietlow.

Last year Martin Lembke and his parents won:
1. General Championship RegV 201 2021 (400 members)

His parents in law Diana & Roland Zietlow won:
1. Championship Youngsters RegV 201 2021 (400 members)

From next year they will race like ZG Lembke / Zietlow – we believe that they will be very successful in their RegV!

All pigeons in the amazing auction were pigeons selected for breeding – except 3 pigeons that participated in OLR-races.

We wish you all good luck!

Ended: May 15, 2022 13:00