Rutten Pigeons – Top OLR results!

Th. Rutten and son has been a pigeon family for decades!
Their old family of pigeons were toppigeons – especially famous for a fantastic old family of Gebr. Janssen pigeons!

The family did achieve some very good results on the “normal” Dutch programme – from 300-1000 km.:
1. National Chantilly (378 km) against 23.193 p.
1. NPO Orléans (517 km) against 17.000 p.
1. NPO Montlucon (651 km) against 7.789 p.
1. NPO Dpt 8 St. Vincent (1056 km) against 2.424 p.
2. NPO Pont St. Maxence (365 km) against 23.469 p.
7. NPO National Peronne (293 km) against 12.718 p.
8. NPO Chantilly 2006 (378 km) against 15.000 p.
9. NPO National Peronne (293 km) against 33.043 p.
10. NPO National Offenburg 2007 against 3.514 p.

Unfortunately both parents of Raymond Rutten died recently but he has found the strengh to carry on with a new partner Fildan Vlad – new investments have been made to strenghen the speed and new topresults achieved – also in a new chapter for them – the One Loft Races!

The last 2 years have been with focus on the One Loft Races – and so far they have really made some topresults already!

Columbodrom Horodnic De Sus 2021:
In 2021 this new duo won the Derby Vama Veche!
The derby with 1043 pigeons basketed from 505 km
The winner arrived at 952 mpm – 6 minutes ahead of the second pigeon!
From the beginning 2.278 pigeons were entered for this OLR.
Actually they also had no. 3 in the final that day!

Columbodrom Horodnic De Sus 2022:
In 2022 the duo was back in top – achieving a 8. prize in the final!
541 pigeons basketed from 500 km
Again a very tough race – their pigeon arrived at 989 mpm.

We congrats Rutten & Vlad – and wish them good luck in future OLR!