Peter Pedersen

Peter Pedersen has had pigeons in more than 40 years!
He started in the city of Frederikshavn with great results on sprint- and middledistance.

In 1996 he moved to the city of Saeby, 10 km south of Frederikshavn.
At that time he sold most of his pigeons except for a few but still he was superb on sprint and middledistance.
He was 2. National Champion Sprint.

Today Peter has only a small team – only 8 pairs in the breedingloft.

He race the total system and 5 years ago he decided only to concentrate on longdistance and marathon – from 600 to 1000 km.

He purchased new pigeons from the following families:
Jelle Jellema, Jan Aarden, Brockamp and Robert Van Eycken.

NELLIE – from Jan Aarden origins – and 1. National Karlsruhe 932 km.
Her father is NEW MISTRAL x mother is THE TOPPED HEN
Inbred Aarden from Dolle and Vlejke.

NEW MISTRAL – Aarden-Brockamp origins.
He is father to NELLIE 1. National Karlsruhe.
He has a lot of winning lines on his pedigree – the father is grandson from 1. International Barcelona, 1. International Perpignan and 1. International Carcassonne.
On the mother we find toppigeons like MISTRAL and EURO DIAMOND from Brockamp.

JELLE is very inbred around ZWART GOUD – the super pigeon from Jelle Jellema
JELLE is a very good pigeon – in example he is grandfather to 1. Section Würtzburg 849 km, 2 x 2. Section Karlsruhe 921 km, 3. Section Würtzburg and 5. Section Antwerp 760 km.

BORIS SENIOR comes from Van Eycken origins. He is grandson of 1. National Limoges and 1. International Marseille 21.721 pigeons.
He is a toppigeon – father in example to BORIS – 2 x 1. prize winner in the section.

FRU EYCKEN – also from Van Eycken and their 1. International winner from Marseille – the dam is LATE KWEEKDUIVIN, daughter from 1. Olympiad Pigeon Longdistance.
FRU EYCKEN is a super pigeon – mother to BORIS – 2 x 1. section.

BORIS – also from Van Eycken family!
He is son of SENIOR BORIS and FRU EYCKEN – and he is a super racer – 2 x 1. section, 2 x 2. section etc.
He was also goldring-winner from Dresden in 2016 from 715 km.