Morel Team Loft

Bartosz Morel from Poland race with the rest of the family under the name Morel Team Loft!

Since 2011 they have worked hard to build their own family/line of pigeons – and invested in top quality pigeons from Belgium, Holland and Germany to strenghen this family!

After years of selection they now have a small group of foundation pigeons on the loft.
Those important pigeons are:

– HOUBEN 262 – BE09-6358262, direct Houben JLN
– 3 super cocks from Rens Van Der Zijde: DONKER 15 (NL13-1106915), LUDO (NL13-1106918) and SIMPLY RED 11 (NL13-1106868)
– 2 super hens from Ivo Renders: IVO981 (BE13-6031981) and 13 (BE14-6106313)
– 2 super cocks from Bart Geerinckx: LAST WITTEKOP (BE14-6303288) and WHITTY BART (BE13-6309510)
– 1 super cock from Vandenheede F&J: LA GRANGE (BE13-4258786)
– 1 super hen bred by us from 2 direct children CHAMPION from Chris Hebberecht: CZAPI (PL-053-15-10969)

Those 10 pigeons are the protoplast of the Morel Team pigeons.
The descendants from these pigeons can win on every level a championship in Poland – from 100 km to 800km – and also
at One Loft Races all over the world.

The biggest succes at this moment is PANAMERA (PL-0167-18-17078) – a super blue hen:
2. Best National Yearling Ace Pigeon Cat. G in Poland 2019 ! ( more than 40.000 fanciers/lofts)
5. Best International Yearling Ace Pigeon Brno 2020 !

This super hen is granddaughter from 3 of the basic pigeons: WHITTY BART, 13 and CZAPI! True quality!

Season 2019 was the best season with youngster races – total dominance in the club Zagłębie (140 fanciers) – they were 1st Champions in every category, and had 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 …. etc of the best AcePigeon Youngsters Cat. F.
1st time in history! Nobody did this before ! Nobody ever had even first 3 ace pigeons – Team Morel had the first 18 !!

In 2019 they also won:
1st Champion Section Siewierz (40 fanciers)
1st Champion Club Zagłębie (140 fanciers)
1st Champion Rejon Wolbrom (650 fanciers)
1st Champions Province Śląsk Wschód (1.000 fanciers)
3rd Champion Region III Śląsk (7.000 fanciers)
9th National Champion Poland 2019 ! (40.000 + fanciers)

Season 2020 was very difficult due to the COVID-19 – in Poland everything was delayed for 3 weeks.
Still it became the best season with old pigeons for Team Morel.

They started with a group of 70 racing pigeons (13 x 2 years old, and 57 yearlings).
In Poland they normally have 14 races with old birds:
120, 210, 330, 330, 330, 330, 330, 330, 520, 520, 550, 550, 740, 740 km – every week, 14 weeks in a row.

In 2020 they had 13 races in 11 weeks, so in 2 weekends they had 2 races on the same day.

In south of Poland where they live the weather was not good – they had the most rainy days in the last 100 years – so they also had to race some days in the rain. So it became a very difficult season.

However, even though it was a difficult season, Team Morel had a super season!

Short Distance :
1st Champion Section
1st Champion Club
2nd Champion Rejon
2nd Champion Province
2nd Champion Region

Middle Distance:
1st Champion Section
1st Champion Club
1st Champion Rejon
1st Champion Province

Long Distance:
1st Champion Section
2nd Champion Club
4th Champion Rejon
5th Champion Province

At this moment they are still waiting for the complete results from region and national championship, but they hope that they will be in the top 10 national!

At the One Loft Race Krakus in Poland they also had a super result – final race from 530 km, very difficult with only 23 pigeons on the day from more than 1.200 pigeons, they became 11th with a direct daughter of LA GRANGE x CZAPI.
They also have pigeons at Pattaya OLR, Corabia Winter in Spain, and The Salem Special in Canada….

So – their family of pigeons are toppigeons and can race everything from club racing, also at different lofts in Poland, Europe, USA, Canada, China, Taiwan, till OLR all over the world.

We send our congrats to the whole family Morel!