Lauryssen & Aerts

We are proud to present this special auction for you. A group of sprint pigeons from the mecca of sprint racing – the Antwerp area of Belgium.

Unfortunately, the 2 champions Stanny Lauryssen and Karel Aerts died after the season of 2019. They both had a life full of pigeons and the results they made in their life are unbelievable. We hope this auction will honor them and give the respect they deserve.

Belgium sprint races have been the most important in Belgium pigeon sport for years. It is said, that years ago 80% of all fanciers in Belgium only raced the short distance races. These days more and more fanciers change to the national races, because of the less competition/gambling on the short distance in some areas and the higher attention of the nationals. But the short distance races are still popular in Belgium, and many fanciers are specialized in the races from fx. Noyon and Quievrain – and the quality of these pigeons are undoubtedly on the highest level in the world!

What makes the Belgium sprint pigeons so special?

  • All pigeons are released in big groups. The orientation of the birds must be fantastic to win. The group must be spread out and the pigeons fly in small groups or alone. If they get out of the lines, they are out of the game. Years ago, the number of birds released in Quievrain was 200.000 every Sunday for hole Belgium. Now the number is less 60.000-75.000, and the release form is different, but still big groups.
  • In Belgium the gambling on the sprint races was always very high. But you must pick the right birds, otherwise you can’t win. This leads to, that the fanciers only keep a few pigeons, and they only basket the absolute best pigeons. You often see a competition with 500 pigeons, but 125 fanciers. 25 percent of the birds are home in a couple of minutes under normal circumstances.
  • The tradition of the fanciers is, that only results count! They don’t care about pedigrees and famous names. They select very hard, and only from results! Papers don’t fly!
  • The Belgium sprint pigeons can also perform on longer distances. That is a fact. Many of the big names in Belgium pigeon sport buy from local unknown names, and they cross these fast pigeons with super orientation into their own bloodlines with success! You also see the fanciers that change from short distance to the national races keep their own bloodlines – again with success! 

Stanny Lauryssen and Karel Aerts fit both 100% into the description above. Their whole life they only raced from Noyon and Quievrain. They only cared about results and not pedigrees or fancy names. They were short distance racers in their heart and soul. They are not famous in the pigeon world, but locally they are famous and highly respected for their results! If you google them, you don’t find any articles and only a few pictures – but the quality of the pigeons you can see on the results. This is an unique chance to buy proven pigeons from two of the best of Belgium sprint racing.