In memory of Adelin Saverwyns…

Unfortunately the Belgian Pigeonsport lost yet another superstar in November 2021.
At the age of 85 Adelin Saverwyns died after a long life with pigeons – and in January 2022 his beloved wife Elaine also past.

We are honoured to offer this pigeon family of Adelin Saverwyns – it is our hope that the pigeons will continue the fantastic results and the legacy of Adelin Saverwyns!

Adelin Saverwyns:
Adelin Saverwyns raced with racing pigeons in 70 years – and he was a committed and fantastic fancier to the very end!
Actually he was so committed that he got a special permission from the doctors to come home from the hospital to race his pigeons on October 17 – the last race of the season from Queivrain!
But nobody realised that it was actually the last race of his long career as a wonderful fancier – he died less than 14 days later!

He wanted so much to be able to race on the last race because he wanted to win the championship – eventhough he was not able to let out the pigeons while he was in hospital, the pigeons were in brilliant condition – and after a great season he was in pole position for the championship.
He came back from the hospital – went to his club with 4 old birds and 6 youngsters – signed the papers to stand behind his pigeons – and they did great again – and Adelin became the 1. Champion in the club!

In more than 70 years Adelin was a big champion with the pigeons included in the toppositions for the national championships KBDB, provincial championships KBDB East Flanders and Gouden Duif.

But Adelin was a man with a lot of more good qualities.
Most important for Adelin was his family (his wife , his daughters, thesons in law and of course the grandchildren).
Actually Adelin had a hard time the last years – his wife Eliane got sick and Adelin had to take care of her. Eventhough Adelin was old and had to take care of his beloved wife, he still managed to race on the highest level!

He was also a hard worker and worked as sales manager in a big company.
Adelin was also the brother of Arsene Saverwyns (the founder of Demster, Lichtervelde)

Results 2021:
Eventhough Adelin was 85 years – take a look at a fantastic last season of this champion!

25. April: Quievrain 302 old birds: 1, 3, 4, 5, 20 (8 /11)
2. May: Quievrain 260 old birds: 1, 10, 11 (11/11)
30. May: Quievrain 246 old birds: 8, 11, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18 (11/11)
13. June: Quievrain 284 old birds: 1, 5, 11 (8/11)
1. August: Quievrain 159 old birds: 1, 3, 5 (7/8)
29. August: Queivrain 162 old birds: 1, 2, 10 (7/8)
5. September: Quievrain 184 old birds: 1, 10 (6/8)
19. September: Quievrain 170 old birds: 1, 5, 6 (6/7)
26. September: Quievrain 143 old birds: 1, 12 (6/6)
17. October – last race of his life: Quievrain 100 old birds: 4 (BOEING), 6 (EROS), 22 (SCHICHT) from 4 old birds basketed
And Quievrain 186 young birds: 15 (BELLE), 17 (HANNE), 19 (JAVA) and 49 (KIM) from 6 young birds basketed.

Only racing with 12 pigeons (old birds and yearlings) in total!

Adelin Saverwyns Pigeon Family:
This fantastic family of winners are all in this total auction – including the worldclass sprinters:
CONCORDE: 1. Acepigeon Quievrain Old Birds – both 2020 & 2021! 24 prizes of 24 in 2021!! 3 x 1. Prizes!
MAX VERSTAPPEN: 1. Acepigeon Quievrain Yearlings 2021, 2. Acepigeon Quievrain YB 2020!! 5 x 1. Prizes!
SEBASTIEN VETTEL: 4 x 1. Prizes!
ZEPPELIN: 3 x 1. Prizes!
BOEING: 2. Acepigeon Quievrain YB 2019, 2 x 1. Prizes!
EROS: 1, 2, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 etc. from Quievrain in 3 seasons!
And many others – and of course all the fantastic breeders!!

SEBASTIEN VETTEL 4 x 1. prizes!

The pigeons of Adelin are a homogene family.
The basic pair of the 21. century was the toppair SUPER x HUGETTE (a direct Freddy Vandenheede hen). Adelin got this superpair from his friend Hubert Verlaecken, Drongen.

In the auction you also find 6 direct children of this golden pair:
GENERAL (topbreeder)
MAJOOR (topbreeder)
CAPTAIN HOOK (topbreeder)
HUGO (topbreeder)
and the twins brothers JOE and JORDY.

GENERAL – sire of CONCORDE 1. Acepigeon Quievrain Old Birds – both 2020 and 2021!

Since 2016 Adelin did also very good with the pigeons from his friends Oscar Van Landeghem, Belsele and Roger De Schoenmaker, Oostakker.
And they exchanged – so also Oscar and Roger have toppigeons back from Adelin.

Also in this auction we have the honour to present super pigeons like:
TARZAN – and his hen JANE – parents of MAXIME and MAX VERSTAPPEN – and their daughters TESS and JAVA.

We hope that we can guide this fantastic pigeon family on to other fellow fanciers who will continue the topresults with Saverwyns pigeons!