Huub Hermans – a new super-season 2018!

In 2018 Huub Hermans achieved 8 times 1st price in one of the strongest contest S.P.C. (95 fanciers) of Limburg!

Especially 2 pigeons were extraordinary this year.
First of all:

NL 17-1483093 MAGIC SURPRISE with 1st NPO Sens 365 km against 15.978 pigeons!

3 times on Teletext by the first 10 NPO Afdeling Limburg in 2018 !!!
1st NPO Sens 365 km Afdeling Limburg against 15.978 pigeons
7th NPO Gien 436 km Afdeling Limburg against 5.044 pigeons
9th NPO La Souteraine 620 km Afdeling Limburg against 1.240 pigeons
7th Provincial Rethel Limburg Total against 12.884 pigeons
31st NPO Gien 436 km against 2.940 pigeons

In S.P.C. (95 fanciers) MAGIC SURPRISE got the following prizes in 2018:
1st Sens 365 km S.P.C. 1247 pigeons
1st La Souteraine 620 km S.P.C. 55 pigeons
2nd Rethel 198 km S.P.C. 933 pigeons
3rd Rethel 198 km S.P.C. 621 pigeons
3rd Gien 436 km S.P.C. 954 pigeons
5th Sezanne 297 km S.P.C. 1247 pigeons
5th Gien 436 km S.P.C. 528 pigeons

Another toppigeon was NL18-1279658 – a young cock from a son of the famous TELETEXT COUPLE x daughter BLUE MAGIC

1st Acepigeon Youngster 2018 in one of the strongest contest S.P.C. of Limburg
1st Acepigeon Youngsters  SPC Sittard
3rd Acepigeon Youngsters Wefo Limburg

2nd Gien 314 p. SPC Sittard – 58th NPO Gien Afdeling Limburg 2.796 pigeons
3rd Rethel  852 p. SPC Sittard – 7th Rethel Limburg Totaal 9.936 pigeons
3rd Sens 439 p. SPC Sittard  – 66th NPO Sens Afdeling Limburg 4.012 pigeons
5th Epernay 756 p. SPC Sittard – 20th Epernay Limburg Totaal 8.323 pigeons
5th Orleans 192 p. SPC Sittard – 103rd NPO Orleans Afdeling Limburg 1.277 pigeons

Championships 2018:
1st General Champion S.P.C. (95 fanciers)
1st Ace Youngsters S.P.C.
2nd Loft Champion Youngsters S.P.C.
2nd Ace middle distance Wefo Limburg
3th Loft Champion Dayflights S.P.C.
3th & 4th Ace pigeon Dayflights S.P.C.
3th Ace Youngsters Wefo Limburg
4th Keizer championship Wefo Limburg
5th Wefo Cup Wefo Limburg
7th General Champion  Limburg (1750 fanciers)

We once again congratulate Huub Hermans and his family!!