H. Doldersum & Zn.

The combination is father Hilbert (56 years old) and son Rik (34 years old). The live at the east part of Holland and are very successful the last years at the short and middle distance.

2019 was a very good season – several topresults:
1-2-5-7-8 against 631 p. – 130 km
1-8-9-10 against 514 p. – 149 km
2-3-4-10 against 543 p. – 237 km
1-2-4-7-10 against 164 p. – 570 km
1-2-3-4-5 against 256 p. – 305 km
1-2-4-6 against 242 p. – 377 km
1-3-4-6-7-10 against 124 p. – 601 km
1-2-3-4-6-7-9 against 232 p. – 305 km
1-3-6-8 against 569 p. – 149 km
1-6-7-8-9 against 417 p. – 210 km

The season 2018 was again one of the very best in their career – fantastic results!
As many as 21 x 1st prizes!

Afdeling 9, Kring 1 (450 members)
1. General Champion
1. Shortdistance Champion
3. Middledistance Champion
3. Longdistance Champion
5. Youngsters Champion
1. Sprint Champion

CC. NOO (120 members)
1. General Champion
1. Shortdistance Champion
2. Middledistance Champion
1. Longdistance Champion
1. Sprint Champion
1. Super Champion
4. Youngsters Champion

In 2013 they had a special pigeon – TIJN – he was 1st Acepigeon Short Distance – a fantastic cock – see his results:
1/2120 NIJVEL 261 KM
1/1699 CHIMAY 311 KM
3/3389 NIJVEL 261 KM
7/3386 ST.TRUIDEN 206 KM
11/3386 CHIMAY 311 KM
1st Nat. Acepigeon WHZB!

Today TIJN is the main pigeon on the loft – the breeding is centered around him – and the results have been fantastic – his children are topflyers – and topbreeders!

They fly their pigeons on the total widowhood system. At the first short distance race they start with around 80 pigeons. After 5 races they keep the partner of the best pigeons at home and pigeons with nearly no results after the first 5 races stay at home too. Most of the races are the short and middle distance races for all these pigeons, except 15 pigeons selected for the one day long distance. For the future they will prepare more pigeons for the one day long distance.

The basis pair of their strain is DE FAMEUZE JAN NL99-1688670 x DE SPROET NL98-2046110. The pigeons are from Mr. J. Lookamp, Vroomshoop. Nearly all the pigeons of Comb. H. Doldersum & Zn. are related to this basic pair. With 1st Price winners in the 6th generation and many Ace Champion Pigeons! Basic strains are Janssen pigeons and several Van Loon pigeons.

This line crosses very well with the direct pigeons of Leo Heremans. The direct Leo Hermans pigeons are out of the famous Saffier Koppel (sold by PIPA for a lot of money), lines of Jan, Gertje, Di-Caprio. There are also pigeons direct of the Family Eijerkamp, like o.a. Daughter Dion (Mother of 3 top pigeons), Son Euro, Daughter Rossi, 2 Sons of Geschelpte 03 (Daughter Olympiade), 2 youngsters of Heracles (Halfbrother 1. NPO winner Peronne and 1. Federation Afd. 9 of Nijvel).

And now they have purchased pigeons from Stefaan Lambrechts and Dirk Van Den Bulck – both fanciers with Heremans pigeons as their base – to strenghen their Heremans family!

Also we are excited about TIJN – a super pigeon – very vital and strong!