David Coward-Talbott

Mr. David Coward-Talbott

A true gentleman and a great pigeon fancier – David Coward-Talbott – has taken the hard decision to sell his beloved pigeons due to health problems. He is selling all pigeons except a round of 2020-youngsters if his health should improve. Auction will be online here 10.02-21.02.

Of course, this is a great loss for David himself, but also for the pigeon world – David is such a nice man, a real gentleman, a super fancier so we really hope that his pigeons can be inspire and continue all the great results from David. We are truly honored to provide a fantastic auction!

To say some words about David, we have asked Ronnie Bigwood to introduce David Coward-Talbott:

The Gentleman from Essex:
A name synonymous with pigeon racing into the county of Essex be it from the north out to Lerwick 600 mls or from the south across the English Channel is that of David Coward-Talbott.
The success and performances of his pigeons at the very highest levels have come in the very highest competition right up to National classic levels on the south across the sea and indeed out of of what many consider the hardest sea crossing of all the North Sea from Lerwick were pigeons may often be required to fly up to 300 mls of sea before they make the British isles indeed David’s reputation in the sport and his achievements are simply ledgendry.
These pigeons on sale in this Auction represent David’s past decade of dedicated work and passion on his own loft which has seen him reach his ultimate goal of winning the National flying club open to the whole of the British isles.
The winning pigeon and it’s offspring are in the sale. Indeed the national win caps an awesome CV where David has won 9 x 1st open Essex north road combines, 3 x 1st open London and south east combines 2 x 1st open London and southeast classic clubs, the first six open bicc National plus hundreds of 1st open federations north and south from 100 mls to 600 mls.
Such performances are only possible with the absolute best selected bloodlines of which with in this sale there are plenty only the best has ever been good enough for David Coward-Talbott.

Really some nice words from Mr. Bigwood about the results and achievement!

The pigeons
David himself must be the best man to present this auction so we have asked David to write a few words about his pigeons:

In releasing my world class stock pigeons via your auctionsite, may I present to you the different collections I have purchased at great expense_ and with great respect for their breeders. As you are aware, I am regrettably selling these pigeons due to my health and for no other reason. A few words on each section or collection follows, in no particular order.

My Jos Thoné Collection
Superb pigeons for me over many years. There are five directs including a direct son of WITTE EDMOND, one of Jos’ top pigeons at this present time.

Some of their 2020 Season youngsters have been retained for a possible come back, should my health improve. As can be seen from the MISS BOND pedigree that of LULU ELIZABETH has the Jos Thoné bloodlines.

My DanieI Aerens Collection
Superb pigeons brought into my lofts via my great friend Sheldon Leonard in 2016 with a view to racing from the greatest race on earth – Barcelona!

My PRINCE HARRY, 2 x 1st Section P National Flying Club from Channel Races bred from DANNY BOY, direct from Daniels NARBONNE and PAU, National and International winners also direct children from 1st International and virgin stock I have bred. (I would like to offer my sincere best wishes to Daniel after his recent traumatic break­in of his lofts.) These lines are virtually irreplaceable now!!!!!

The Barcelona Specialist – Daniël Aerens

David Coward-Talbott
My own blend of all my families including my 1st Open National Flying Club winner, her offspring, and my ETIENNE MEIRLAEN, PENNINE HEIGHTS etc. etc. They represent the future, buy with confidence.

G&W Vedder
3 directs made an immediate impact in a relatively short period, these are the best of Leo Heremans and again are highly recommended.

Plus my “Inter Palmos” direct from Henk de Weerd pigeons, that were late breds in 2018, GB 18 X 29396 and GB 18 X 26397 (bred for Stock.)  One the same way bred in 2019, GB 19 V 17572, Cheq. Cock, as a yearling this year, won in a very, very hard race winning 20th Section, 51st Open, National BICC from Coutances, on a rain all day race. Very Highly Recommended.

There are 3 Brookhamp pigeons, 2 from a son and daughter of EURO DIAMOND. These were bred by Mark Gilbert. The third is a Brockamp pigeon bought on Pipa.

There is a very good Blue Cock, inbred to TOM of Andre Roodhooft, bred by Sheldon Leonard. Sheldon being a great friend of Andre, obviously got the best.

Best regards,
David Coward-Talbott

In addition to Davids own words we have also got a very nice testimonial from Ronnie Bigwood:

Whoever is fortunate enough to acquire any of the pigeons David is offering, will never look back. They are superb in every way. I have scored their throats over a number of seasons and they are superb proven by their performance. Highlighting many as future crack producers here is a brief resume of the “cream-de-la-cream”. As David will confirm, I have tried to prevent him from parting with them, but his health must come first.

SUPER LEO:                                Blue Cheq Pied Cock – GB-12-N-74227 ***

DANNY BOY:                               Blue Cock – BE-14-4285481 ***

GOLDIE:                                       Blue Hen – GB-13-A-01141 ***

TOP LADY                                     Blue Cheq Hen – IHU-13-S-171 ***

WITPEN DIDI                              Blue Cheq Hen – BE-11-4281062 ***

YOUNG EDMOND                      White Grizzle Cock – BE-16-2226399 ***

LUCIA                                            Cheq Hen – GB-13-N-83929 ***

MISS BOND                                  Blue Hen – GB-15-A-21007 ***

PRINCESS HARRY                      Blue Hen – GB-18-N-82274 ***

                                                          Cheq Cock – GB-14-S-98603 ***


There are many others, too numerous to mention here that will grace any loft, for example:

BOUNCER                                    Blue Cock – IHU-16-S-000595 ***

MONAR UK                                  Cheq Cock – NWHU-13-N-7677 ***

WHISPERING                              Blue Hen – GB-18-E-24229 ***

CHARMAIN                                  Blue Hen – GB-18-N-82168 ***

                                                          Blue Pied Hen – GB-18-N-38437 ***

                                                          Blue Cock – GB-19-N-01608 ***

                                                          Blue Cock – IHU-16-S-000774 ***

All of the above will go on to produce super pigeons!!!
Ronnie Bigwood

So we are proud and honored to run this auction for David Coward-Talbott from 10.02-21.02 2021 – a truly fantastic auction.

Good luck to all participants!