Brother and sister – both 1st prize winners!

Two rather new families on the M&C Hansen Breedingloft are the Dirk Van Den Bulck pigeons
– and the pigeons from Cyriel & Carl Lambrechts.

The last two seasons they have really shown promising results – and also crossed with each other – like 023-21-0017 and 023-21-0018 – sister and brother from the same nest racing at Team Meldgaard!

Last year as youngster 023-21-0018 won 1st prize against 224 pigeons
– and this year on May 14 the nestsister 0017 won 1st prize against 764 pigeons!

Very good beginning of this season!
We expect A LOT from these 2 families this season!

Congratulations to Henrik – and his family – Team Meldgaard!!

023-21-0018 – 1st prize winner against 224 p.
023-21-0017 – 1st prize winner against 764 pigeons!
The sire – WHITE KITTEL – super Dirk Van Den Bulck origins! Son of PRINCESS KITTEL (daughter from KITTEL) and DOUBLE KITTEL (double grandson KITTEL)
The dam – APRIL – a fantastic hen from C&C Lambrechts!