BLUE GASTONETTE – fantastic breeder

Some years ago we sold BLUE GASTONETTE to our good friends – Morten and Thomas Carstensen – where she has been breeding very well.
She is a direct daughter from one of our foundation couples from Gaston Van De Wouwer – GASTON x GROTE WITPEN.
Several children from this couple have bred superpigeons!

This winter we bought back BLUE GASTONETTE to secure our old Gaston Van De Wouwer lines – and we seem to be lucky.

Last weekend Morten and Thomas were 1, 2, 3, 4 from the sport-race from Lübeck (a sport-race is where every participant can only basket 4 pigeons) against 139 pigeons – all 4 related to BLUE GASTONETTE!! Fantastic result!

The first pigeon is 207-18-0757 – now 2 x 1. prize winner – a granddaughter of BLUE GASTONETTE
(from daughter of BLUE GASTONETTE coupled to WITPEN JUNIOR KAAS (son of GESCHELPTE WITPEN x BAK 2 DUIVIN – also from us) crossed with lines from our friend Wim Moens)

And 2, 3, 4 on that race were all direct children from BLUE GASTONETTE – the father is a son of YOHAN BLAKE 1. National Olympic Bird – so 100% our family!

Fantastic results Morten and Thomas – we cross our fingers for more topresults for you!!!

070-11-3909 YOHAN BLAKE