7. National Acepigeon 2019 from Poelman lines!

We have just received this very good reference – regarding the pigeons from Poelman!

M. C. Clement from Kamperland in Holland has the 7. National Acepigeon Middledistance in Holland this year!

And it is a greatgrandchild of the super couple from Comb. Poelman – KOKE JR x SUPERTJE!

NL-17-1330283 raced the following prices:
7. National Acepigeon Middledistance Holland
3/1.018, 6/1.315, 9/1.609, 9/943, 18/1.210, 24/1.598, 24/1.483, 40/1.643, 109/1.140 etc. etc.

A new fantastic reference from this foundation couple at Comb. Poelman – KOKE JR x SUPERTJE.
At the moment several grandchildren for sale at auction!