1st and 2nd against 2.211 pigeons!

Another fantastic reference from last weekend – at Meldgaard/Jeppesen – where the Gaston Van De Wouwers did it again.
1st and 2nd against 2.211 pigeons from Soltau 😉

1st was 070-14-0006 – daughter of 4078 x 1826 – a superhen already with other results like 1st Provincial Gotha, 2nd Provincial Celle, 6th Provincial Göttingen etc.

2nd was 070-14-0071 – son of 1854 x 9047 – a topracer with already 2 x 2nd this season, but in earlier seasons: 2/184, 3/370, 3/249, 4/347, 6/938, 7/891 etc. and 1st Acepigeon Section 32 in 2015, 2nd Acepigeon Section 32 in 2016.

Actually Meldgaard/Jeppesen were 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th on that race!


In the same weekend Meldgaard/Jeppesen was also 2nd Provincial on the nominated flight from Soltau against 1.019 pigeons.
This time again with influence from the Gastons.
The pigeon was 000-13-3221 – also a really good pigeon before this week with 1. Prov. Göttingen 1.070 b, 2/108, 9/301 and 1st acepigeon general 2016.

3221 is daughter of their foundation cock 1445 and the superbreeder TOCHTER LAURA!