1. National by Mosher Family Loft!!

Fantastic news from Andalusia, Illinois, USA!!
Denny & Jeannine Mosher won 1. National Midwest Classic National Race 2022 against 2.704 pigeons!
Actually they had 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 14th in this race!!

We send them our warmest regards – congratulations!!

1st against 2.704 pigeons was MISS ELLA – MFLFT-21-21006
2nd against 2.704 pigeons was WHITEFLIGHT CHLOE – MFLFT-21-21005
3rd against 2.704 pigeons was SPEED PRINCE – AU-KCL-20-10407
14th against 2.704 pigeons was SON OF FILIP – MFLFT-20-20033

MISS ELLA and SON OF FILIP are both direct children of GASTON’S GIRL – direct from M&C Hansen from our Gaston Van De Wouwer family! GASTON’S GIRL is also:

  • Fullsister to 731: 1. Provincial winner for Meldgaard/Jeppesen.
  • Halfsister to 16-280: 1/373, 1/190 etc.
  • And last but not the least halfsister to the dam of $40.000 winner in San Francisco Bay Area Triple Crown 2017!

So absolutely from fantastic lines – daughter of SON YOHAN BLAKE x SIS JUNIOR KAAS – all foundation lines for us!

Denny & Jeannine have had very good success with the pigeons from Jo Claeskens, Belgium.
Like the father to MISS ELLA – TOMMY GUN 1. National Midwest Classic 2020 against 2.380 pigeons.
He is also been a good mentor for them – and in return the Moshers have sent pigeons back to Claeskens that seem to give success too.

Also topresults with pigeons from Jacob Poortvliet (daughter YILDIRIM), Gebr. Herbots (SPEED PRINCESS) and Nanez Lofts.

Visit the YouTube Channel of Mosher Family Loft and see the presentation of MISS ELLA!

And here you can see the result-list and the 4 pedigrees of the 4 toppigeons!