1-2-3 on middledistance!

On Saturday July 2nd we participated a special middledistance race 440 km.
Each fancier can participate with only 4 pigeons to give a fair and equal race – some very popular races in Denmark.

This Saturday we had a special result – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 19th with our 4 pigeons against 139 pigeons in the section.
Again with super results from our Louis Van Loon family and the new C&C Lambrechts family!

1st was 023-19-0230 FOXY LADY – 50% Lambrechts / 50% Dirk Van Dyck.
This is her second 1st prize!

2nd was 023-19-0947 MIGHTY 947 – a very good racer – this season has been very good so far.
He is son of DOUBLE WINNER from Van Loon lines – and EMMA, our old tophen – and good breeder!
From our foundation lines.

And then 3rd was again won by the C&C Lambrechts origins.
Here it was 023-20-0922 TONYA 922!