Yvan Van De Poel 1. National Limoges

In april Yves Van De Poel did run 2 online auctions on our website – and the same origins won 1. National!

BE-23-2039440 won 1. National Limoges 6.838 yearlings – fastest of all 13.727 pigeons!

As you can see on the pedigree the father is from the amazing Leo Heremans origins – direct son of OLYMPIC SPRINT x PRADA!
Super origins – and we have been so lucky to be able to present these origins to several of our clients – and they are very popular!
We understand why 😉

On the mother side we find Vanoppen-Luyten origins – which we also sold several times from – added lines from the famous WACHO FREDDY x LIEVE from PEC.

Congratulations Yves – we wish you all the best on the next Nationals this season!!