Super Belgian Toplines!

The father is direct from the supercouple TOPPER x GABY!
The mother is fullsister to FENOMENALE GRIJZE: 8 x 1st prizes!

Org. Henri Hendrikx

Sire: BE-15-2165111 MOOIE VAN DIJCK, Org. Rudi Hendrikx
Direct son of the supercouple TOPPER x GABY!

They are parents of
– top breeder at Geuken René PAAL
– top racer in Heusden
– top racer at Boeren
– van Geschelpte van Dijck 2x1st
– “Bielen” 3rd ace pigeon

Grandparents and great-grandparents of dozens of 1st prize winners, among others:

– 1st Provincial Vanmeerbergen Wilms
– 1st National Acepigeon speed
– 1st Prov Sezanne 2739 p. Fons Custers
– 1st prov Issourdun 1156b
– “Dusty” 5th zone Gueret 1041 p. etc….
– 1st Gueret 210p, 7th Prov 1210p
– 1st Zone Gueret 859b, 43rd Nat. Gueret 12519b
– 3rd Bourges 147p
– 18th zone Burgundy 1314p, 32nd Prov 2403b, 68th Nat. 18.826 p.
– 9th Gien 405b, 23rd prov 2711b
– 14th Gien 920p, 72nd prov 6459b
– 383rd Nat. Argenton 9970p
– 2nd Laon 119p
– 3rd Reims 273b
– 5th Reims 345b
– 5th Gien 301d
– 6th Reims 697b
– 8th Laon 538p
– 9th Reims 1391b etc.

Dam: BE-18-5127774 FENOMENALE TREES, Org. Henri Hendrikx
Fullsister to FENOMENALE GRIJZE: 8 x 1. prizes from 100-300 km!
5 x 1st prizes from Nanteuille
1 x 1st prize from Melun
1 x 1st prize from Momignies
1 x 1st prize from Soisson
1 x 2nd prize from Nanteuille etc.