“Galantic”, the winner of 37th place in the final race is bred by Bert Ploeg and “Galantic” comes from a true super breeding couple.

Nestmate NL-20-1070420 raced 6th in final race Kalimanci and was 5th Ace Pigeon.

Father is Van der Wegen x Jan Arden and he is father of 3rd place first race Hoosier Yearling Race USA, 2nd first race and 3rd Ace Pigeon + 19th final race Kalimanci 2019.
6th + 15th final race Kalimanci  2020 and 37th place in Sevilla Pigeon Race 510km in 2020.

Mother is together with the father responsible for the same results as above, but in addition 81st final race Riachos.

HotSpot 1 143km:                    1191/1285
HotSpot 2 207km:                    557/1229
HotSpot 3 215km:                     240/758
Semi-final 320km:                    325/753
Final race 510km                      37/655
Ace Pigeon:                                202 of 1799 pigeons