“Gr.child Finn”, the winner of 34th place in the final race raced for the famous Belgian fancier Tom van Gaver.

A grand child “Finn” who is the no 1 basic pigeon in the loft and who is a superbreeder and father to 1.NAT Ace pigeon and a lot of top racers. The mother is the basic breeder for his partner Kristof Delmulle and comes from top result pigeons on national level in Belgium.

This pigeon showed also speed capabilities with a 69th and a 79th place on 100km and 90km trainings.

HotSpot 1 143km:                    143/1285
HotSpot 2 207km:                    172/1229
HotSpot 3 215km:                     626/758
Semi-final 320km:                    153/753
Final race 510km                      34/655
Ace Pigeon:                                49 of 1799 pigeons