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Reinhard Gebhardt

Reinhard Gebhardt is wellknown on the OLR-scene – especially after 2 fantastic years in SAMDPR but also other topresults:

  • SECOND CHANCE: 2. Final SAMDPR 2016
  • AMAZING DAY: 2. Acepigeon Grand Average 2017
    (50. Final) (sister SECOND CHANCE)
  • SPEEDY ONE: 21. Final SAMDPR 2016
  • 1. Position Three Pigeons Challenge SAMDPR 2016
  • 5. Position Three Pigeons Challenge SAMDPR 2017.
  • SPECIAL ONE: 2. Final Victoria Falls WCPR 2020

After SAMDPR 2017 the 2 superstars SECOND CHANCE and AMAZING DAY were purchased by the superfancier Jan Hooymans.

At this auction you have a golden chance to get your fingers into some fantastic pigeons close related to this amazing family!

Due to bad health Reinhard Gebhardt was forced to sell this golden group of pigeons!

Good luck!

Ended: November 26, 2023 16:00

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