Top Günter Prange origins!

Sire: DV-2098-18-2300 PRANGESTAR 2300
Super Prange lines!

Direct son of TACCO – Super breeder – sire i.e. to:
609: 2/4.443 p. in RegV
Plus other 1. Prize winners!

His father is DER 520 – a super racer with 7 x 1. Prizes in competition with average 1.600 pigeons!
The mother is MASCHA – also a super racer from TOTILA x HALLA.
MASCHA raced 3 x 1. Prizes in competion with an average of around 1.300 pigeons!

On the mother side we find the foundation pigeon of Prange – DER RINGLOSE!

Dam: DV-2009-16-1131 INZUCHT 555
Direct daughter of DER 788 – Superbreeder!
Sire to several topracers and topbreeders for Lembke!
Sire and grandsire to 17 x 1. Prizes!
Also halvbrother to BORIS 1. Acepigeon RegV at Günter Prange.
Both direct sons of 555 – brother to EUROSTAR 1. Acepigeon BRD!

And again both grandsons from the worldfamous RINGLOSE!
The mother is INZUCHT 864
Inbred from 864 – son 864 x daughter 864 – one of the best breeders in Germany.
More that 36 x 1. Prizes from the descendants of this fantastic breeder!!