Auction lot

Very close – and very inbred around the worldfamous legend NATIONAAL I

Sire: DV-8897-10-1781 DOPPEL NATIONALE
Son of 2 children direkte from the world famous NATIONAAL I:
1. National Bourges 7.927 p.
1. Prov. Orleans 4.301 p.
1. Dourdan 388 p.
1. Noyon 452 p.
1. St. Quintin 449 p.

A worldfamous legend – first superpigeon raced by Karel Schellens – and afterwards foundation breeder for the Herbots family!

Dam: A602-11-1111 TRIPPLE 11
Also grandchild of the worldfamous NATIONAAL I !

The best Schellens breeding hen from W. Zerner!
Grandmother to several toppigeons in OLR!