Super marathon lines!
The best of the best on the loft today!

Direct from the foundation hen 867!

Sire: 046-11-0225
Super breeder – sire to 086-15-0310:
1. Region Karlsruhe 930 km – 4. National
1. Section Baden Baden 940 km

Direct son of the superhen 119-05-0100 from Helle & Louis Rasmussen.
She was 1. National winner herself but also a fantastic breeder!
She is mother to 13 x 1. Prizes on longdistance and marathon!

Dam: 211-11-0867 SUPERHEN!
A fantastic hen with 10 prizes on the 10 last races in her live!
2. Section Munich – co-winner of National Cup 2015
The best pigeon in the Marathon Club 2015

She is a very important breeder!
Mother to 211-16-0502:
1. Region Karlsruhe
And grandmother to 1. National Karlsruhe for Frederik and Jan Steen, Esbjerg.