Super inbred KITTEL-lines!!

Sire: NL 2018-1630209  SON ANGELINA, direct Marcel Sangers. ANGELINA is dam to KIRA: 3. National Acepigeon Middledistance “de Allerbeste in 2017” – and won: 1/1.178, 1/1.053, 6/10168 etc.

The 1630209 is grandson to GOLD DUST – She is granddam to 2. National Acepigeon Pipa-ranking, 1. acepigeon overall combine 15 prizes, 1. ace MD Fed, 5th Ace Short Fed. To KATHY 1/3.282, (TT 1/5.940), to KITTY 1/1.984 etc.
ANGELINA and GOLD DUST are sisters to famous KITTEL, winner of 1. National Acepigeon KBDB 2013.

Grandsire: NL 2017-1826241 GOLDEN PICASSO, daughter of Max (Heremans) and Gold Dust.
Granddam: B15-4100451 ANGELINA, direct D. v/d Bulck, sister to KITTEL, from Goede Rode and Olympic Rosita.

Dam: NL 2017-1826442  INBRED KITTEL 442, direct Marcel Sangers. She is double granddaughter of KITTEL.

She is dam to 18-165 winning 7 prices of 9 races as youngster.

KITTEL was 1. national Acepigeon KBDB in 2013, and won: 1/2.089, 1/1.792, 2/2.023, 3/2.443, 4/2.121, 9/1.934 all on Quievrain. The 1826442 is halfsister  to Fransa: 1/1.804 (fastest 2/10.239), 3/7.193, 5/4.624, 5 ace MD Fed in 2018 etc. Also halfsister to Franca: 4/5.477 (fastest 6/10.239), and other halfsister Chimay 1/1.804.

Grandsire: B15-4264387 SKITTEL, son of Kittel and New Golden lady, direct Dirk v/d Bulck.
Granddam: B15-4264294 SANCY, daughter of Kittel and Beer Hen, direct Dirk v/d Bulck.