New super opportunity! A direct son of GOLDEN BLACK LEO, the new topbreeder is Jacobs lofts.
GOLDEN BLACK LEO is the grandsire of OLYMPIC MAGICIAN: 3. Olympic Youngster for Netherlands and 8. on the Olympics in Poland! 

Sire: NL 2012-1004546 GOLDEN BLACK LEO, good racer, but topbreeder. He is (great)grandsire to Olympic Magician, 3 Olympics YB for Netherlands and 8 on the Olympics in Poland. Results: 1/21.894, 1/6.505, 1/5.971, 1.5770, 1/5.876 (fastest 1/8.486), 1/2.000, Sens NPO 2/4.690, 6/4.488 etc.

GOLDEN BLACK LEO is: son from Jacobs number 1 Toppair – THE GOLDEN PAIR – GEORGIO and JEANET!

Offspring of this pair is VERY VERY good. They are parents to topracers like GINA (10 x 1.), GOLDEN BLACK LEO (grandfather OLYMPIC MAGICIAN), GIGI (mother to winner final Golden Classic), GEORGE (1/6902 and acepigeon middledistance), DO (topracer and breeder), GEORGIO ARMANI, winner 1-6-8-9 in South Afrika and many more !!

GEORGIO and JEANET are grandparents to MONEY IN THE BANK, the mother to 2 different CARWINNERS and winners OLR North Carolina, to 1. and 2. Final OLR Texas,  to 1. National on Wales, to 1. National on Malta, to 2. National on Malta, to winner Semi final Tenerife (winner car), to 1/10.530 on Arlon.

And greatgrandparents to winner final OLR in Poland etc. etc. The list is endless…….

Grandsire: DV 06218-10-195 GEORGIO, direct Georg Agnes, lines Leo Heremans / Dirk van Dyck and Rudi Diels, and grandsire to 3 carwinners.
Granddam: B10-6358065 JEANET, direct Leo Heremans, gr.daughter Olympiade 003 and the Jan. And granddam to 2 carwinners.

Dam: NL 2017-1826428 INBRED KITTEL 428. Direct Marcel Sangers. The 1826428 is halfsister  to Fransa: 1/1.804 (fastest 2/10.239), 3/7.193, 5/4.624, 5 ace MD Fed in 2018 etc. Also halfsister to Franca: 4/5.477 (fastest 6/10.239). The “427” is double granddaughter of Famous Kittel !!

Grandsire: B15-4264387 SKITTEL, son of Kittel and New Golden lady, direct Dirk v/d Bulck.
Granddam: B15-4264360 SURIN, daughter of Kittel an Beer hen. Surin is dam to Black Hawk 6/5.477 (fastest 6/10.239).  Direct Dirk v/d Bulck.