Granddaughter of the MOONRAKER – the winner of OLR Krakus in Poland with 12 Minutes ahead and speed of 923 meters !! 100% Poortvliet.

Super OLR-lines here!

Sire: NL 2018-1436953 MOONRAKER 53, direct Henk Simonsz. He is grandsire to 7. OLR Rimini in Italy over 607 km, won further 3 of 360 km, and 4 of 200 km. His brother Star Gighter is winner of 28 prize Final Golden Algarve 2018, and was 3. ace of 4.952 entrees. Moonraker himself won OLR Krakus in Poland in 2017 over 530 km. Was 12 minutes lead and 923 mpm. Was bred and raced by J&N Alaerts from Belgium and bred from 2 Poortvliet pigeons.

Grandsire: B17-5060211 MOONRAKER, bought by Henk Simonsz, and bred by J&N Alaerts. Winner Final OLR Krakus. In the meantime already (gr)sire to: OLR AGD TR2 1/2.371, OLR Greece 1/1.240, OLR As Golden 2/1.050, OLR Krakus HS2 2. place, OLR AGD TR7 3/2.246, Golden Algave Ace 3/5.000 etc. etc.
Moonraker is de Rauw Sablon / 577 Kaasboer x Son Royal Jet Junior and Nienke, daughter Olympic Niels of Dirk van Dyck. Sister is dam to 2. National Chateauroux 2.850 p.
Granddam: B16-6128367 NIKITA, direct Danny van Dyck. Full sister Fiona, 1. Ace Union Antwerpen and 5. National Ace Middle distance KBDB. Is daughter Nieuwe Zoon (son Di Caprio) and daughter den 11.

Dam: NL 2012-1004974 DAUGHTER MISS DREAMCORNER. She is aunt to LEENTJE, winner of 5. National Ace Long Distance WHZB in 2015 (1. Prov. ace 9.520 p.). Leentje won: Sens NPO 3/5.481, Ace MD + LD together 3/3.221, Chateauroux NPO (778 km) 3/2.882, Quievrain 10/4.020, Ace YB + late tour together 1/286, Sens NPO 46/8.211 etc.  The 1004974 is dam to 2/202, 3/299 (17/2.341), and granddam to Troyes 558 km 1/2.600, Arlon 375 km 1/404 (26/7.521) and Arlon Prov. 42/7.521. She is halfsister to 12-630 Young Miss Dreamer, winner of 20/22 price on Day long distance, with a.o. Sens Nothern Union 13/6.040, Sens club 1/84, Bourges Fed 1/217 etc. Ace pigeon LD in the club: 1-1-2-2-3-6 etc.

Grandsire: NL 09-1597187 JEWEL OF MAGIC WONDER, brother to 12. Master Award Cat. 6 in 2009. Jewel is son of Yildirim (best Allround Yearling cock TBOTB in 2004) and Magic Wonder, 1. Ace Short distance of Western Europe over 2007. Won as yearling 9 times in best 1% !!!. Mainly lines Koopman.
Granddam: NL 08-2049015  MISS DREAMCORNER, direct Koopman. daughter Den Dromer and Miss Mookhoek. Topbreeder.