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Andersen OLR Racing

Christian Lund Andersen had to sell all his pigeons in january 2020 because he had to move to another address.
Now he has started a new adventure – to compete with the best in One Loft Racing – in the name of Andersen OLR Racing.

Back in 2018 he had a super season and became:

National Champion Denmark 2018
1. Region Champion North
1. Region Longdistance Champion North
1. Region Middledistance Champion North
1. Section Middledistance Champion Section 52
1. Section Longdistance Champion Section 52
1. Section Yearling Champion Section 52

The season 2021 he raced a group of youngsters from his present address and won the championship with youngsters 2021.

Since he cannot race with yearlings at his current address he sells the whole racing team of youngsters – only 4 youngsters are kept for futher breeding.

Ends: October 24, 2021 15:00